For children who would otherwise have little chance of getting to school, and parents making their way to work, bicycles are an efficient and environmental way to get from place to place cutting burdensome journey times.

This everlasting project will mobilise people of all ages to get things done and help shift them out of poverty.

We'll send you a certificate to share with your family and friends

Muslim Hands takes your everlasting project very seriously. On reaching the fundraising target, Muslim Hands network of specialist staff and permanent field offices throughout the globe will begin the implementation of your selected project.

You'll receive a receipt and certificate to share with your family and friends. The reward for such charity is continuous and its benefits are felt by both your departed loved one and those who donated on their behalf, insha'Allah. 

MH Programmes Manager, Irfan Khan

Bicycles enable needy people to get to work, take their children to school and move about efficiently.