Classroom 2

In today's world, it is more important than ever to ensure children have access to a good quality education. 

This unique everlasting project will provide much needed educational facilities to needy communities and will be functional for generations to come, insha'Allah.


Each classroom will carry a commemorative plaque

2 As with Muslim Hands' everlasting water projects you can choose to have a plaque in the classroom with your loved one's name - a maximum 21 characters.

The permanent plaque is placed in the classroom allowing beneficiaries to make dua for your loved one.

We'll send you a certificate to share with your family and friends

Muslim Hands takes your everlasting project very seriously. On reaching the fundraising target, Muslim Hands network of specialist staff and permanent field offices throughout the globe will begin the implementation of your selected project.

You'll receive a receipt and certificate to share with your family and friends. The reward for such charity is continuous and its benefits are felt by both your departed loved one and those who donated on their behalf, insha'Allah. 


Senior Programmes Manager, Tariq Nasir

Classrooms allow poor and needy children to attend school and receive an education.