Of all things in life, safe water is one of the most basic privileges we could ask for.

Dig-a-Wells are bigger installations and their mechanical hand pumps draw water from up to 35 metres underground, quenching the thirst of entire communities whilst ensuring their agriculture and livestock flourish well into the future.

We'll install a plaque engraved with your loved one's name

As with Tube Wells and Community Wells you can choose to have a plaque on the Dig-a-Well with your loved one's name - a maximum 21 characters.

The permanent plaque is placed upon the well allowing beneficiaries to make dua for your loved one.

We'll send you a feedback report once the Dig-a-Well has been completed

Muslim Hands takes your everlasting Dig-a-Well project very seriously. On reaching the fundraising target, Muslim Hands network of specialist staff and permanent field offices throughout the globe will begin the implementation of your selected project.

On completion of the Dig-a-Well you will receive a feedback report with pictures of the well including your specified plaque.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

The best form of charity is giving someone water (to drink).